Was your favorite "robbed" last night on reality TV? Did you tape yourself screaming at the TV? Did you even write a song telling off that reality show? You're not alone! "Dancing With the Stars" and "The Voice" ended their spring 2017 seasons at the exact same time last night, and Twitter is still fuming from the reactions -- especially from Normani Kordei's livid fans.

Both DWTS and "The Voice" had presumed frontrunners and a general consensus of how they were going to play out. For "The Voice," it was either going to be Chris Blue or Lauren Duski who won. On DWTS, it was going to be Normani with pro dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy, or NFL running back Rashad Jennings with pro Emma Slater.

So that's probably why "The Voice" finale ended with the usual mild disappointment from Lauren fans who wanted her to win, but not much shock or fury, while the DWTS finale is still sparking Twitter fires for placing Normani & Val third, with low-scoring former MLB catcher David Ross & Lindsay Arnold taking second, and Rashad & Emma winning.

Here are the breakdowns:


1. Chris Blue (Team Alicia Keys)

2. Lauren Duski (Team Blake Shelton)

3. Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake)

4. Jesse Larson (Team Adam Levine)


1. Rashad & Emma

2. David & Lindsay

3. Normani & Val

Many DWTS fans are very happy for Rashad & Emma -- maybe even most fans, since they did end up winning -- but the narrative now has been less about their win than TeamValMani losing their minds for being pushed to third. They wouldn't even have been happy with second, but this is too much, and they made it very clear -- with one fan even writing a NSFW song telling off DWTS for sucking so much. Yep, it's the DWTS fans using their voices and putting words to song, not the "Voice" crew.

OK, that last one is just funny. For the record, many "The Voice" fans were thrilled to see Chris win, and the ones who were disappointed usually still took time to congratulate the winner:

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