The Get Down"The Get Down" after just one season, something the streaming service has rarely (if ever?) done before.

The music saga set in Bronx in the late 1970s ended up streaming in two parts -- six episodes last August, and then five more last month, for a total of 11, short of the original 13-episode order. Netflix had never split a series before, and maybe they never will again.

As The Hollywood Reporter noted, the series suffered from delays and the departure of original showrunner Shawn Ryan, on top of financial issues, with a budget that was said to reach $120 million (or even higher, according to Deadline), due to the high cost of music rights, production design, visual effects, and more.

"The Get Down" was said to be Netflix's most expensive show, but Luhrmann refuted that to THR last year, saying he heard "The Crown" was the most expensive series. "Yes, it took longer and it's been more difficult than I imagined. As for the number, it wasn't cheap. But I don't think it's the most expensive show. I think it's on the high end of storytelling."

Here's Luhrmann's Facebook note to fans:After "The Get Down" and HBO's cancellation of "Vinyl," it might be a while before we see another ambitious music-based series.

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