It's a good thing Halle Berry has led such a successful career, or we'd feel horrible for her right about now.

Screen Junkies has released its latest video in the Honest Trailers series, and it has virtually nothing good to say about "Catwoman." To be fair, the narrator asserts that it was a bad era for superhero flicks in general, but the 2004 movie faces some particularly harsh criticism. In fact, the video calls it a "movie made for no one about nothing that never should have existed."

Beyond the usual look we get at cringe-worthy moments, the video includes footage of Berry's Razzie Awards acceptance speech that year. Believe it or not, her commentary is even harsher than the Honest Trailers narrator's is -- she calls the flick a "piece of s--t, godawful movie."

At least DC seems to have done better with the upcoming "Wonder Woman," based on early reviews.