Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Wonder Woman' - ArrivalsPatty Jenkins was frustrated as hell to read that rumor from early this year, with a reported DC source bashing her movie, and she's happy to set the record straight today.

At the time, a Schmoes Know contributor referenced an unnamed source who reportedly called "Wonder Woman" a "discombobulated" and "disjointed" mess with no "narrative flow." Fast-forward to today, and "Wonder Woman" is opening to rave reviews, with fans already excited for the eventual sequel. Not only that, Jenkins told Collider she didn't cut a single scene, and didn't change the order of a single scene in the movie from the shooting script. There won't even be any deleted scenes for the home release, which played into her frustration with that "mess" rumor.

Patty Jenkins: "There aren't any [deleted scenes] and that was actually the most frustrating thing when somebody made up the rumor that it was a mess, and I was like 'Really? A mess? It's the opposite. It is so steady. It's been so even keel and steady.' It's been such an opposite experience."

She and the Collider reporter questioned not only that rumor, but also the rumor that "Justice League" had been remade twice, wondering how that even could've happened, logistically. Here's more from Jenkins and Collider on the rumors:

Jenkins: "The rumor mill of these movies has been quite something to behold. I tried to learn to tune it out but the one thing I want to say to readers because it truly was stunning to me to watch is you truly can't believe how absolutely false certain things are until you're on the inside of one these things. You're like, there's not even kind of where there's smoke, there's fire. There is absolutely lies-"

Collider: "Did you ever want to literally start tweeting or put out something?"

Jenkins: "Yeah. You want to and then you have to restrain yourself because you'll go crazy if you start doing that all the time. Definitely I was angry about the rumor that it was a mess because it was clearly a lie, it was clearly based on someone who had zero experience because there wasn't anybody that you would be able to find that said that. It's been a totally smooth ... You know, everybody else was busy on doing other movies and we were chugging along, without any drama. I felt like the destructive quality that comes from oh, everybody knows, when you're making something out of nothing and it was hurtful to a production to make it seem like something is true but what are you going to do? You have to make the movie and get to the other side of it. I've been f*cking dying to show the movie as a result. For a long time."

Revenge is a dish best served with cold hard cash and the best reviews of the DCEU. It makes you wonder who comes up with these rumors, and what their agenda might be. (There was also a rumor about Chris Pine being a "royal diva" on set, which doesn't seem likely either.) Anyway, if there are people out there who still think "Wonder Woman" is a disjointed mess, they are vastly outnumbered by the fans ready to see what Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot do next in "Wonder Woman 2."

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