(L-R) Grem (voice by Joe Mantegna), Acer (voice by Peter Jacobson), Siddeley (voice by Jason Isaacs), Lightning McQueen (voice by Owen Wilson), Mater (voice by Larry the Cable Guy), Finn McMissile (voice by Michael Caine)."Cars 3" is coming out June 16, so Screen Junkies decided to do a joint Honest Trailer for "Cars" and "Cars 2," naming the latter Pixar's worst-ever movie for going "full Minions" with Mater.

"From the studio who brought you 'Ratatouille,' 'Wall E,' and 'Up,' comes the movie that paid for all of them - toys! I mean, 'Cars'!"

They quickly realized they didn't have many complaints about "Cars," which is just an "above average kids movie," so they moved on to "Cars 2":

"From the studio who brought you 'Ratatouille,' 'Wall E,' and 'Up,' comes a tedious cash grab dumpster fire that's Pixar's worst movie by a long shot - 'Cars 2!'"

Yikes. The trailer lists all the "firsts" "Cars 2" set for Pixar, like their first time stretching a thin comic relief character with their own movie, their first "rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes, and their first movie to not be nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar.

The trailer also asks A LOT of deep-thought questions about the cars in this universe, including why there are no humans in these movies, and if there are no humans, why do the cars still have door handles?

Watch the trailer:Picking a "worst" Pixar movie is like deciding which type of cookie you crave the least -- it's still a treat, and better than most of what's out there. "Cars 3" is going to be awesome, we just know it, and it opens June 16.

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