Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Wonder Woman'Most talent involved with superhero movies are locked down in multi-picture deals that could take place over years (maybe even decades). And yet, director Patty Jenkins is not signed up for a sequel to "Wonder Woman," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That there will be a sequel is a no-brainer, considering the movie's boffo box office over opening weekend. And star Gal Gadot has one of those multi-picture deals (she also appeared in "Batman v Superman" and will be in "Justice League," plus whatever "Wonder Woman" sequels may come).

THR notes that a one-movie deal is standard practice at Warner Bros. for untested directors of big-budget movies. Jenkins had only helmed one movie previous to "Wonder Woman," and that was the 2003 indie "Monster."

Now that she's proven capable of directing a movie that opened to $103.3 million, Jenkins should be able to command a pretty penny for the sequel. THR reports that negotiations should begin soon, and that Jenkins could leverage the movie's success to work on other DC-verse projects as well. And when she does sign a deal, Jenkins already has a good idea for where to set the sequel.