2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards  - ArrivalsMiles Teller was arrested early Sunday morning in San Diego for public drunkenness, according to TMZ.

Sources told the site that Miller was visibly drunk and having trouble standing. When a police officer approached Teller, the 30-year-old "Whiplash" and "Divergent" actor became uncooperative.

The cop handcuffed Teller and took him to a detox facility, where he could sleep it off. When he continued to be uncooperative with the facility's staff, the police arrested him on the charge of being drunk and disorderly in public.

"He was taken to the detox center where he was uncooperative and the staff rejected him. He was then arrested and transported to the local jail where he was booked," Billy Hernandez, a spokesperson for the San Diego Police Department, confirmed to People.

TMZ reports he was in jail for four hours before getting released on bail. Teller's representative had no comment for various news outlets.