42nd Annual Gracie Awards - ArrivalsFor three seasons, Lindsay Jillian has been arguably the absolute worst-behaved of the generally misbegotten characters populating FXX's hipsters-who-hate-love-in-love comedy "You're the Worst," but Kether Donohue's hinting that her role may finally be turning things around -- or at least going from "worst" to a just "awful."

Donohue joined Moviefone for a spirited chat, including a tease of Lindsay's new leaf in Season 4 (and the actress's minor job insecurity at the prospect of playing a kinder, gentler Lindsay), plus some facts about her filmmaking background and what real-life Sunday Fundays are like when the show's cast gets together.

Moviefone: Were you excited when you wrapped to have some time off and then get bored and get ready to go back?

I feel like I've become such a workaholic, and I feel so at home when we're working. It was of course nice to have time off, and I got to spend a lot of time with family. I don't really get to see my family very much any more in New York.

But I'm excited and eager to go back to work ... I had my first fitting yesterday, and we got the scripts. It's a good feeling of getting geared up for the shoot.

Having now read a little bit of what's coming up in the new season, can you tease anything at all?

I will say, Lindsay has her sh*t together a little more.


So that's all I'll say!

That must be fun to figure out how to play.

Yeah. We'll see. I'll probably get fired! [Laughs] They'll be like, "You're not good at playing yourself having your sh*t together." I'm only good at playing f*ck-ups.

The fanbase of the show is so devoted and into it. What's been fun about interacting with people, either on social media or when you're at the grocery store?

What I love is the authenticity and the depth that our fans are willing to share with us. For example, when Gretchen revealed that she was depressed, I was floored by the genuine tweets, and Instagram posts, and comments about fans opening up about their own depression, or someone in their family that has depression. It was just really nice to see people open up like that. It's nice to think that we played a small part in helping some people out.

Have you guys in the cast had an equivalent of a Sunday Funday out together?

Totally. We get together all the time. We do our own Sunday Fundays. Over the years, we've gotten a little more prudish about it. You could tell we're all getting a little older. There's less alcohol each year. We go to bed earlier each year. But we still get together.

Who's the one that shows up and has their escape plan made, and who wants to keep the night going?

I'm usually the last person at the party -- with Chris [Gere]. Me and Chris are always the last people at the party. I could always count on Chris to like do that with me. Aya [Cash] usually goes home the earliest. She's very responsible. Des [Borges] is kind of in the middle. He'll hang around, but he won't take it too far. Me and Chris run the party into the ground.

Did you work in between the seasons?

No, you know what? It was really nice. I took off and I spent a lot of time with family in New York, because I haven't seen them in a very long time. So yeah, last year was a wonderful year between "Grease" and Season 3. On this hiatus, I just took a little rest bit.

What was fun about New York having been away for a bit?

Aya lives there, so I got to see her a lot. And she was in a play, so I got to support her and see her in a play. We saw plays together. We saw the Broadway show "Waitress," which was amazing. I'm so sad that I didn't get to see "Dear Evan Hansen." I left before I could see it. Yeah, just going back to seeing theater, and spending time with family, and enjoying wearing some nice winter coats.

And you have a filmmaking background, right?

Oh yeah. I went to Fordham University in Lincoln Center, and I majored in communications and media studies, with a concentration in film. I remember at that time, I made a short film, a semi-autobiographical film about what it was like growing up with my father who is a Vietnam War veteran, and it was really special. I remember it played at a GI Film Festival, and that was so special.

Do you think you'll make another film soon?

Yes. You know what? On hiatus, also, that was something I was thinking about. I've been exploring writing. In college, I really gravitated toward directing. So I think that's something that I'd like to do in my future.