The bad moms are back, and they're ready to spread a new brand of Christmas cheer.

STX Entertainment dropped a new teaser trailer for "A Bad Moms Christmas" on Wednesday, and there is more raunchy, ridiculous fun to bad had. Following in the footsteps of 2016's "Bad Moms," the sequel reunites stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn as three mothers bucking society's expectations and approaching parenting in their own way. As we can see, that means doing the holidays differently.

The teaser trailer points out how much pressure there is on moms to make Christmas special, and the trio has had enough. There are too many presents to be wrapped, trees to decorate, and, oddly, women to wax, so it looks like they're going to drink more and stress less. That should be interesting, especially when their own mothers come to town.

Watch the teaser trailer below -- but know that it's NSFW.

"Bad Moms" is slated to open Nov. 3.