Paramount Pictures' World Premiere of 'Baywatch'Sometimes, you're just so busy you have to send a look-alike to events in your place.

Well, you do if you're Hannibal Buress. The "Spider-Man: Homecoming" actor missed the film's premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday night, but thanks to the powers of the internet, he was able to find a look-alike to send in his place. After offering up $500 for the gig on Twitter, Buress connected with Joe Carroll, a Nashville man who was ready to impersonate the comedian on the red carpet.

The two shared photos of the stunt on social media, and naturally, people thought it was hilarious. Buress played up the joke, tweeting a picture of Carroll and writing, "I'm out here at the premiere. In theaters July 8th."

Carroll posted a photo on Instagram that evening, explaining that when Buress "hits you up and tells you to crash the red carpet since he couldn't make it.... You crash the damn red carpet."

Better still was footage of Carroll successfully pulling off his Buress impression, talking about playing Coach Wilson while being interviewed at the event.

The people of Twitter loved it, as they quickly made very clear.

It looks like Buress may have drawn more attention to the movie with his absence than he would have with his presence. Impressive, right?

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