Ewoks can get quite fierce on behalf of their friends — but they can be very sweet, too.

Another new "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny" webisode debuted today, and this one focuses on Princess Leia (Shelby Young). It takes place during "Return of the Jedi," after Leia meets the Wicket. The short explains how the two become such fast friends.

Turns out, two of Wicket's Ewok buddies get accosted by Stormtroopers. The nimble Wicket comes up with a plan to disable the troopers, and Leia gets in on the action:

And later, after Leia reunites with Luke, Han, etc. and before the final celebration, the Ewoks gift her with a lovely dress — fit for a princess.

The "Forces of Destiny" series is providing new glimpses at the lives of female heroines, including Rey (who was the subject of the first two episodes), Jyn Erso, and Padme Amidala. A new episode premieres every day leading up to a Disney Channel special on July 9.