2017 ESSENCE Festival Presented By Coca-Cola Ernest N. Morial Convention Center - Day 2You don't always have to fight fire with fire.

Film director "Parts Unknown" host had expressed his dislike by writing, "F--k BABY DRIVER," DuVernay called him out. She replied to his tweet, encouraging him to express his opinion in a kinder way.

"You don't have to like it," she wrote. "But have some respect for the artists who made it. You're better than this. Critique doesn't have to be cruel."

DuVernay didn't direct "Baby Driver," so she was in no way obligated to step in, but many fans on Twitter appreciated that she did. Although the social media platform isn't exactly known for being a hotbed of kindness, there were certainly plenty of people who supported the director's call for more respect.

Bourdain has not responded directly to DuVernay at the time of this writing, but he did share a positive opinion on the film "The Raid" the following day, writing, "Quality." It seems the message may have been received.

[via: Twitter; h/t: EW]