Your boy Paul Abrahamian has both safety and power as "Big Brother 19" Week 2 Head of Household *and* holder of the Power of Veto. Sigh. #NeverCared

Paul already started out with eight "friendship" bracelets, then got three weeks (too much) safety from America. Now he is HoH, and his target is -- no shock -- Cody Nickson. However, it may shock some fans to not see Cody or Jessica Graf on the block as initial nominees. Instead, Paul is going for a backdoor move.

After winning HoH -- which fans will saw in the Sunday, July 9 episode -- Paul started talking to various houseguests about potentially being pawns. He didn't want Cody and Jessica on the block together in case Cody came down. He wanted to avoid giving comp beast Cody a chance to play in the Power of Veto competition at all.

So Paul initially thought of maybe putting up Maven -- Matt Clines and Raven Walton -- as pawns. This house is jam-packed with Paul minions, so even though they probably weren't pleased, they didn't exactly fight.

But Paul moved on from that to considering, briefly, putting up his boy Kevin Schlehuber -- who just voted out Jillian Parker while pretending to others that he voted out Christmas Abbott. Paul knows Kevin's secrets, and the two are very close. Final two close. Kevin was not happy to be considered as a pawn.

Paul moved on from that idea and settled on his pawn pair: Alex Ow and Josh Martinez. Paul talked to both of them to explain his plan -- one of them would come down after PoV and Cody would go up, with the whole house (minus maybe Jessica) voting out Cody. Alex and Josh were surprisingly OK with the plan. No real push-back.

There's also Ramses Soto to consider. His "curse" from last week forces him to put himself on the block as the third nominee, either this week or next week. His plan is to go up this week under Paul's HoH, since Cody is the clear target. But there was fear that, if Cody still managed to play PoV and kept the nominations as-is, Ramses, Alex, or Josh would go home, and Jody would survive another week.

Paul told Josh that Ramses was his backup target, if Cody somehow saved himself. Poor Ramses. He's not trusted in the house -- he tried to get the house to notice the budding alliance of Dominique Cooper and Mark Jansen, and that seemed to backfire. Plus, Kevin is now blaming Ramses for his own vote, convincing the house that it was Ramses who flipped on the Alex/Jason/Jillian team instead of himself.

So Paul nominated Alex and Josh and Ramses nominated himself, with Cody as the backdoor target forthe second live eviction of the summer on Thursday, July 13.


UPDATE: Christmas won the Den of Temptation, a PoV replacement power, and Jason/Jessica/Cody got the "curse" of dressing as frogs and hopping around.

The PoV competition was held late Saturday night -- it was a long one -- and Paul won. We'll see that on TV on Wednesday, July 12:

During the PoV ceremony on Monday, Paul took down Josh and put up Cody. Cody, Alex, and Ramses are now on the block. Cody will be evicted on Thursday, and Paul's ego will expand to previously unknown heights. Paul told Kevin to throw an eviction vote to Ramses to stir up the house. So instead of just Jessica being a vote to evict Ramses, Kevin may be a secret one, too. Then again, Kevin sort of spilled the beans on that to Elena, so we'll see if this does any damage:

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