You know what will always be there for you? Wild "Friends" theories. There's nothing like them. And even though the NBC series has been off the air since 2004, fan theories never stop popping up online.

A guy named Ted Fox got the latest conversation going, "Seinfeld"-style, by wondering what the deal is with the "Friends" Season 4 DVD cover. Why is Jennifer Aniston's Rachel the only one awake, and staring into the camera?

He asked for theories, and he got some good ones:

Never change, "Friends" fanatics!

By the way, just last month one of the "Friends" creators reacted (not fondly) to that super-dark theory about Phoebe. You may also recall reading a theory connecting "Friends" to "Gilmore Girls." That one almost works. There are so many others out there, keeping this series alive for future generations of fans to read way.too.much into.

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