Put on your spoiler thinking caps, TV fans, 'cause you have a mystery to solve.

Every so often, TVLine posts a "blind item" spoiler, teasing something that will be revealed in a few months -- or whenever. It's always vague, but they also share a few hints. This latest one is about an "hour-long drama series" on one of the "Big 5" networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and The CW) looking "to kill one of its most popular characters (an original series regular), while tacking on a time-tripping twist straight out of 'How to Get Away With Murder.'"

Here's more:

"According to sources, if the storyline is approved by The Powers That Be at the network, the character in question would be murdered in the show's forthcoming season premiere, at which point the action would jump back two months. Subsequent episodes would continue to chronicle the eight weeks leading up to [REDACTED]'s death all while dropping clues about the party — or parties? — potentially responsible for the shocking crime."

The suggestion that the storyline has not already been approved means 1) it *may* not happen at all, but also 2) it's probably not for a show that already started filming for the fall season.

TVLine shared more hints by narrowing down the search to one of nine shows in its photo gallery:

  • "The Exorcist"

  • "The Blacklist"

  • "Supergirl"

  • "Blindspot"

  • "Scorpion"

  • "Designated Survivor"

  • "NCIS"

  • "Scandal"

  • "Elementary"

Fan guesses are all over the map, but some think it could be "Scandal" because the final season is coming up, and they could do a big twist like killing Fitz (or even Olivia?) and showing how it happened. Other fans think it might be "Supergirl" or "The Blacklist"or "NCIS" or "Elementary." Or any of them! Time will tell. And time may also provide more hints, so keep checking TVLine in case they update to scratch guesses off the list.

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