The fashion world has so much to say about one very animated icon.

Disney-Pixar enlisted the help of sartorial powerhouses -- including models Heidi Klum and Kendall Jenner, designers Zac Posen and Rachel Zoe, and more -- to help promote "The Incredibles 2" during D23. In a hilarious "retrospective," the real-life fashion giants talk about the influence of Edna Mode (voiced by director Brad Bird), the famous designer to the superheroes.

The group manages to sound sincere as they talk about the fictional character.

"When she designed a dress for me for the Emmys ... I knew I had made it as a model," Klum says.

Like the supermodel, the others make it clear that what Edna lacks in stature, she makes up for in her work.

"She's a visionary, a giant," Jenner says. "I mean, well, not literally. She comes up to my knees."

Other interviewees use words like "modern," "empowering," and "graphic" to describe her, while also pointing out that she's "divisive." She does have a tendency to be a little blunt, of course. Still, they live by her cardinal rule: no capes!

"Edna hates capes, so we all hate capes," Klum says.

Watch the retrospective below.

No one can design bulletproof rompers and rocket stilettos like Edna.

We'll get more of Edna's fashion wisdom in "The Incredibles 2," due out June 15, 2018.