Believe it or not, Edward Cullen could have been more emo -- well, that, or Robert Pattinson would have gotten fired from "Twilight."

The actor sat down with Howard Stern for the radio host's Sirius XM show on Tuesday, and he opened up about a problem he had on his early days of starring in the vampire series. Pattinson laughed as Stern asked him about having taken the role too seriously, and then explained that he thought his character's relationship with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) had to be more serious and intense. It turned out producers didn't agree.

"Everyone kind of wanted it to be, like, 'No, they should just be, like, happy and having fun. That's what people want,'" he said.

To illustrate the point, producers even made him look through a marked-up copy of the 2005 Stephenie Meyer book; every instance in which Edward smiled was highlighted. Apparently still unconvinced, though, Pattinson went through and highlighted all of his character's frowns in another color.

"I thought I was pretty safe," the "Good Time" actor told Stern, explaining that he didn't think he would get fired.

That, too, he was wrong about, however. His agents flew up to visit him on set, Pattinson said, and they told him he had to play his part differently or he'd lose it. Needless to say, that was enough to turn him into a more smiley leading man -- and make lovesick teens all the world over swoon.

[via: The Howard Stern Show]