"Shooter" Season 2 will not be shooting any new episodes after the the "freak accident" that broke star Ryan Phillippe's leg.

According to Deadline, the USA Network drama's second season will have eight episodes instead of the original 10, because Phillippe was shooting Episode 9 when the accident happened (off set).

Production continued without Phillippe for a while, but then shut down. Now the decision has been made to end Season 2 on Episode 8, with sources telling Deadline there's a natural story point in that episode that works as a season finale.

"Our priority is Ryan's recovery, and after conversations with our partners at USA and UCP we've decided that we will wrap S2 with episode 208," Paramount TV told Deadline in a statement.

"Shooter" has been beset with complications from the start. Season 1 was postponed due to an actual shooting in Dallas, and the show was pulled from the summer schedule after another shooting in Baton Rouge. Season 2 premiered on July 18, which is just two days after Phillippe broke his leg.

It's not clear if the show will return for a third season, but that decision will probably hinge on Season 2 ratings and -- possibly -- Phillippe's injury.

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