'Spankin New Music Week' on MTV's 'TRL' - November 6, 2001The '90s really are back!

MTV is reviving "TRL" aka "Total Request Live," a show that featured the day's top music videos as voted on by fans over the phone or online. The original series ran from 1998-2008 and was hosted by Carson Daly. Musical acts like Britney Spears, 'NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys often appeared on the show, which overlooked Times Square in New York City.

Apparently, MTV is looking to reinvent itself by returning to its roots. Network president Chris McCarthy told The New York Times that "TRL" would return in October in a massive new studio again overlooking Times Square.

MTV has experienced falling ratings in the last few years. The network has reinvented itself several times since the heady days of "TRL." It brought in scripted programming, like "Teen Wolf." Now, it's refocusing on music content and reality fare.

The new show will run an hour a day to start, though it may expand to two or three hours. Daly will not return as host; instead, five relatively unknown co-hosts, including rapper/comedian DC Young Fly, will share duties. And the new "TRL" will create content for other platforms, like Instagram and Snapchat.