"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 is now filming, and the actress who plays April Kepner has been doing a great job sharing photos from set. Fans are loving the glimpses of their favorites, and she must've known she'd get a reaction when she shared a "Japril" photo with Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery), then followed later with a photo of the two of them with Kelly McCreary (Maggie Pierce). Jesse Williams posted his own photo of the trio, even baiting fans with a new #Jaggie 'ship name to rival #Japril.

The Season 13 finale had a lot of shockers, and -- on the relationship front -- one of them was the idea of Maggie and Jackson maybe being a thing. April even seemed to give her blessing. Fans did NOT. So when Sarah Drew posts a cute photo of the three April/Jackson/Maggie stars along with the words "drama, drama, drama..." well, she had to know it would get fans talking again. And it did. Williams did the same with his "Jaggie" tease, and it too got fans calling for Japril to rise.

Drama, drama, drama... #season14 #GreysAnatomy @ijessewilliams @seekellymccreary

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Aaaaand we're back. #Japril #Jaggie #Jaggpril ? #ModernRomance #KeepItCivil #IDontMakeTheRules #MakeTheRules @GreysABC

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Super cute pics, but yeah. The comments are filled with Japril supporters writing things like "Cant like this! ????Maggie and Jackson the Worst storyline ever ????#japrilforever."

Poor Maggie. She deserves better than this storyline, to be honest. Give Maggie her own man, Shonda!

The actors themselves get along great, as you can see in Drew's other photos with McCreary, Williams, and their co-stars:

#Japrilspotting #season14 #greysanatomy @ijessewilliams

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Back at the place where all the snacks are free... #GreysAnatomy #season14 @seekellymccreary

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"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 premieres Thursday, September 28 on ABC. Kevin McKidd said the premiere is fantastic, funny, and feels like "vintage Grey's."

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