Don't make any sudden moves, but one or two more "Big Brother 19" houseguests *might* finally be ready to stop doing everything Paul Abrahamian says. Considering this is the last eviction before jury, it's about dang time.


UPDATE 1: Late Friday night, it was revealed that Cody won safety in the Den of Temptation Competition, so he couldn't be nominated. Jessica, however, lost the competition and became the third nominee; Josh then nominated Mark and Elena to sit next to her. Paul told Josh that Jessica was the target, even though Josh replied that he wasn't sure. He wanted Elena as the target. Paul pushed Josh on it, and even though Josh is HoH, that also means he does not have a vote.

UPDATE 2: Saturday night, the Power of Veto competition was held. It was OTEV and Mark won. Mark told Josh he wanted to pull himself down off the block. No matter who is put up as the replacement nominee (that should be shown on the live feeds Monday), the house appears to be ready to vote out Jessica. Josh is now on board with that, too, despite his earlier plan to get out Elena. He didn't really have the votes for that, not with Jess up as the third nominee.

UPDATE 3: On Sunday, Josh was still talking to houseguests about getting Elena out instead of Jessica. When Mark pulls himself down, Josh may be put Raven up, because he thinks Matt is more likely to vote with them than Raven. So Josh, Christmas, Jason, and Kevin may try to keep both Jess and Cody in the house over Elena, so they have stronger numbers now that they've all made it to jury. But Jess could still leave, we'll have to see how the week progresses.

UPDATE 4: Yep, Jess is (probably) leaving. There was a small window of opportunity for her to be saved, with Kevin and Jason considering voting out Raven -- who did indeed replace Mark on the block -- but Jess and Cody got into a stupid fight with Josh on Tuesday and that basically blew it. It was a petty fight, egged on (as usual) by Paul, and Jess had no idea she was so close to safety. She didn't do any campaigning, probably because by now she doesn't trust anything anyone says. That's fair -- she's been lied to over and over, and it would be silly for her to trust Paul's minions -- it just so happens that this week Josh had a different target. He just never managed to spit that out to Jessica since they never had any trust together.


Back to original post:

BB18 veteran Paul has been the puppetmaster of his majority alliance for too long, and most of the fandom has grown tired of it. Last week, there was even some guy on a bullhorn outside the BB house yelling "America loves Jess, Paul is a bully."

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are both still in the game, thanks to her halting hex, but Jody are clearly the house targets -- with "the house" being Paul, and Jessica being the one Paul really wants out -- and unlikely to make it to jury together.


Thanks to a crapshoot Head of Household competition on August 3, Josh Martinez and his pots-and-pans clown music won HoH. Paul IMMEDIATELY got in his ear. But so did Christmas Abbott, and she is Josh's true No. 1.

Christmas has been talking a lot about Elena Davies on the live feeds, worried about her strong social game connections to most of the house, especially Paul.

Christmas wants Elena gone. And now, so does Josh. Josh had a crush on Elena, and previously wanted to target her showmance Mark Jansen. But to distance herself from the "Jody" alliance after being left out of the Ramses/Josh vote, Elena also dropped Mark and floated to the other side of the house.

Thursday night, Josh shared some reasons for why he'd like to go against Paul's plan to target Jessica and instead backdoor Elena. Here's how Big Brother Daily reported that Josh/Xmas convo:

"Josh told Christmas that whatever they talk about is between the two of them, not Paul. Christmas said she trusts Paul but he has his own motives. Josh told Christmas he wants Elena out. Christmas told Josh there are already people commenting on there being two HoHs because of Paul. Josh told Christmas he doesn't necessarily want Cody and Jessica to go this week. He said he wont mind if one of them goes home, but he wont care if they save themselves either.

Josh said Elena is worrying him a lot and she is locked in with Cody, Jessica, Paul, Matt and Raven. Josh said Elena is a great liar and she is extremely persuasive. Josh used his talk with her last night in the storage room as evidence. Josh said he is locked in on Elena and wants her out. Josh mentioned that Cody and Jessica will still be big targets. Josh revealed that his plan is to backdoor Elena. Josh thinks it is a red flag that Elena dropped her showmance and dropped Cody and Jessica so quickly. Josh said Paul doesn't see it since it's good for Paul's game to have Elena around. Josh said he doesn't care who Elena is up next to, cause he wants her out.

Christmas said it would be hard to convince the house of that. Josh said a red flag for him last night was Paul asking him to go get him water when he was in his HoH room, because he wanted to have the HoH room alone with Elena. Christmas said there is no way Paul can be kicked Josh out of the room. Josh said it only confirmed more why he needs Elena out.

Josh pointed out that Mark will be by himself, and Cody and Jessica will remain targets, and they separate Elena from Paul. Josh said he is argument will be that he knew where Cody and Jessica stood, but Elena played him and would not own up to it. Christmas said Josh is going to need more than that. Christmas said the longer that Elena is in the house, the more potent she is. Christmas suggested that Josh have a conversation with Jessica prior to nominations. She said to present it in a way that he has a bigger plan, so trust what he is doing.

Josh said if things don't go as planned, she will throw that in his face. Josh said he knows he will have Alex, Jason and Kevin's support. Christmas said she would be the fourth vote. Josh said they need one more vote. Christmas told Josh that Cody or Jessica would be the fifth vote if one of them is on the block. Josh said he will tell Paul he did him a favour and went to bat for him, so do him a solid this week.

Christmas suggested that Josh tell Jessica he is going to do her a favour to let she and Cody get to jury, so he wants her to do him a solid. They agreed that Elena cannot be put up and Josh cannot take a shot at her unless Josh has the votes. Christmas said they will have the votes as long as either Cody or Jessica are not on the block. Christmas warned Josh that making that move could cause a rift since everyone wants Cody and Jessica out. The two agreed that Jessica has to go if she is on the block with Cody. Christmas said to tell people he hasn't thought of a replacement nominee. Josh said he will not tell Paul anything."

On Thursday, right after winning HoH, Josh did say he wanted Cody out. But Paul wants Jessica out, and Paul speaks for "the house." So don't be surprised if Jessica leaves anyway.

"Big Brother" Season 19 continues Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS. Watch the live feeds to keep up with the drama in the meantime.

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