Heavy, lonely, and betrayed is the head that wears "The Crown" in Season 2, but by Churchill we cannot wait to see her back in power his December.

"The Crown" Season 1 was Netflix's most expensive series to date, but also a smashing success that should pick up a host of Emmys in September. The first Season 2 teaser was just released -- along with some new photos via Entertainment Weekly -- and they reveal Claire Foy's Queen Elizabeth II feels completely alone, and embarrassed by Prince Philip's (Matt Smith) cheating, 10 years into her reign.

• "The rumors still haven't gone away. I've learned more about humiliation in the last few weeks than I hoped I would in a lifetime."

• "You're married to a wild spirit. Trying to tame him is no use."

• "I've been queen barely 10 years. And in that time, I've had three prime ministers. Not one has lasted the course."

Watch the video:Season 2 covers 1956–64, following the family's private struggles as they also travel the globe, and also welcome the birth of Princes Andrew and Edward, siblings to Prince Charles and Princess Anne. This season will also delve deeper into Prince Charles' "troubled youth," EW reports.

The Crown(L to R) Matt Smith,  Claire Foy

The teaser shows a glimpse of President John F. Kennedy (Michael C. Hall) and First Lady Jackie (Jodi Balfour), and EW also shared a first look photo and details:

The Crown(L to R) Michael C. Hall, Jodi Balfour, Claire Foy, Matt Smith

"[Elizabeth's] focus is really on this dazzling woman — and not just because of her husband's flirting, but the whole attention on Jackie as a phenomenon," the episode's director, Stephen Daldry, told EW of this imagined look at JFK's actual 1961 visit. "The Queen's beginning to feel the first aches and pains of middle age, and here is this woman who seems to have a huge role even within foreign policy."

Added Foy to EW, "The Kennedys were a real symbol of the '60s and the world moving forward, and the Queen is very much stuck in the past at that point. It's a real wake-up call."

In Season 2, we'll also see Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) move on from her affair with Capt. Peter Townsend to a relationship with society photographer Tony Armstrong-Jones (Matthew Goode).

"We follow her struggles to find a relationship that is not only suitable, but a man who she feels that she could love," director Stephen Daldry told EW. "It's a chaotic situation, and they get into trouble. It's fun."

"The Crown" Season 2 premieres Friday, Dec. 8 on Netflix.

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