Premiere Of HBO's 'True Blood' Season 7 And Final Season - Arrivals"True Blood" star Anna Paquin got a good laugh -- and got to coin the term "photoboobed" -- after a topless scene from her HBO show accidentally photobombed a BBC News report. (Tit happens!)

Someone in the BBC newsroom must've been on the "hardly working" side of things during the BBC News at Ten broadcast. The show's 3.8 million viewers noticed that, in the back left of the frame, you could see a woman's bare breasts. It turned out to be a scene from "True Blood," and Paquin recognized those boobs as her own. She tweeted about it, getting responses from her "True Blood" co-stars -- including her husband Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton); Robert Kazinsky (Warlow), who shared the scene in question; and Evan Rachel Wood (Queen Sophie-Anne).

Classic. It's not clear if the BBC fired that non-working worker. You'd think so, but considering the attention the "photoboob" got, they may instead try this stunt every week.

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