Poor Hot Pie is in hot water with "Game of Thrones" fans who have decided he's at fault for the sorry state of Westeros by the end of Season 7.

It seems like a strange stand to take, but one fan on Reddit got the ball rolling with this argument (Season 7 SPOILERS, obviously):

Why HotPie should be the most hated Character in GoT

Yes, Hot pie is the reason behind All of this.

Its all because of him , If he didn't tell Arya that Winterfell is under Stark's control,Cersei could [be] dead now Jon and his company won't get a white a walker They won't go beyond the wall , Visereon would be alive,The wall won't fall

And all Westeros would be united against the Night King .

YES ! It's Hotpie's fault

That post currently has nearly 4,000 upvotes, with more than 200 comments adding still more (tongue-in-cheek) theories, like these two:

• How did everyone miss the AMAZING foreshadowing in season 3 by Thoros?

Half the country's starving and look at this one

Maybe he's the reason half the country's starving?

What if Hot Pie is in league with the Night King and is going to eat all the food in Westeros to weaken them before the invasion?

• Of course he's a secret Targaryen and wants the throne for himself.

Arya Stark was headed to King's Landing to kill Queen Cersei Lannister when she had a surprise reunion with Hot Pie that sent her up to Winterfell instead. The saddest thing is that Arya went home in part because Hot Pie said Jon Snow was the King in the North, and she STILL hasn't reunited with him. But she did get to reunite with Brienne, who got to tell The Hound she's alive. And Arya reunited with Sansa and Bran, and even bonded with them to take out Littlefinger. So there's a lot to thank Hot Pie for as well. But yeah. He is probably a secret Targaryen working with The Night King, who is also Bran Stark.

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