The filmmakers behind Stephen King's "It" wisely chose to focus on the kids/"Losers' Club" for the first half of their highly-anticipated adaptation, with the sequel centering on the adults.

So how does director Andy Muschietti plan on bringing the kids back for "Chapter Two"?

"Flashbacks," said the director in an exclusive interview with Moviefone. While some fans, trades, and sites have posited rumors about this being the plan, we can confirm that -- if Muschietti's vision for the sequel comes to pass -- Bill, Bev, and the rest of the Losers' Club will appear in more than a cameo capacity. In fact, that's the only way Muschietti would want to do it.

"I obviously related to the kids. [Their] story obviously means a lot to me... and it wouldn't feel right to continue or complete this story without involving them or going back and, you know, revisiting them somehow."

Muscheitti stressed, at the time of our interview, that the studio and filmmakers are just in the early "talking" stages of sequel plans. And should those plans move forward as expected, it is safe to assume that fans can expect new scenes filmed with the kids -- hopefully ones that bride the gap between their last encounter with Pennywise when they were kids with their newest one as adults.

The "It" sequel has no release date yet, but look for the film to hit theaters (at the earliest) in 2019.