2017 ABC Upfront"The Bachelor" isn't even airing, but producers still sneakily managed to pull off the most shocking twist in show history.

Fans were completely blindsided on Thursday by the unveiling of the show's newest leading man. Instead of the presumed front-runner -- "The Bachelorette" Season 13 runner-up Peter Kraus -- nabbing the gig, it was given Arie Luyendyk Jr. Seeing a contestant from so many seasons back land the role was evidently confusing to many people, including actor Zach Braff, who responded with a hilarious tweet.

"I can't believe I'm the Bachelor!" he wrote, alongside a photo of Luyendyk Jr. "I didn't even audition. Looking forward to the fantasy suites."

No, the two men wouldn't be mistaken for twins, but there is a certain resemblance between them. That is what made Braff's tweet work. That, and the fact that it stood out in a sea of fan annoyance.

Let's face it: Many fans saw less humor in the situation than Braff did. The choice of Luydendyk Jr. proved to be controversial, and people weren't quiet about their thoughts and feelings. Twitter became the place to voice any such frustration:

We'll see if Luyendyk Jr. can convert his naysayers when he gets to hand out roses during "The Bachelor" Season 22. If not, maybe Braff can take over.

[via: Zach Braff/Twitter]