Peter Kraus may be too sensitive for reality TV, but he has some time to toughen up. He told "The Bachelor" in 2018, but he's willing to try again later. Plus, Bachelor Boss Mike Fleiss hinted to Peter possibly returning for the new spinoff "Bachelor: Winter Games."

Peter admitted to ET that he's the type of guy who likes to "weigh my options" and he ultimately realized he wasn't for the Bachelor job. Partly, he wasn't ready to give the producers what they wanted -- including a definite proposal -- noting, "There's nowhere on the contract that says you have to get engaged at the end of the show."

"The conversations that [producers, ABC executives and I] had [about being the Bachelor] were never specific to 'Yes or no?' It was more, 'Are you ready?' and me saying I was not. It was a mutual respect for where each other was at, what I know they need from a Bachelor and what I know I was ready to give at the time of those talks. I would never say it was a clear, defined answer. It was, 'This is where we're at, and we're OK with going in different directions.'"

When Arie Luyendyk Jr. was named the surprise Bachelor choice, Peter tweeted what seemed like a regret:

Peter told ET the fear came from the fans themselves.

Even though he has a huge fan base, some viewers thought Peter had commitment issues and should've known he would be expected to propose. Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay herself said Peter wasn't ready to be the Bachelor, and said she felt manipulated by him during her season. Other fans brought up how his high school yearbook mentioned him wanting to be the Bachelor, and just famous in some way, and thought Peter was angling the whole time to be the next Bachelor.

Here's Peter's fear explanation to ET:

"Fear came from other people's opinions, which I don't know if I should guide my life on that, but I do take what people say very personally. I'm constantly reading how awful I am for even considering being the Bachelor, so I let fear kind of guide me. I was afraid of what people would say. I was afraid of what people would think, and I was afraid of not being able to live up to the amazing standards that are the lead of that position.

I was still far too emotional to invest in myself into the next opportunity. A lot of people say that I was very boring and cold on the show. No, I'm actually a very lighthearted, fun person... but when faced with these huge decisions that are based on the rest of your life, I take them very seriously."

On the boring vs. fun note -- it actually would've been cool to see Peter on "Dancing With the Stars," since he could've had a chance to shake loose and show off that personality. Plus, as a fitness pro, it's in his wheelhouse. Maybe another time.

Peter's ET story led with the idea that the timing wasn't right for him, and after it was posted, Fleiss tweeted this hint:

So maybe we can expect to see Peter in the "Winter Games" spinoff ... unless he weighs his options and goes in a different direction. Right now, he has a lot going on in his professional life, and seems happy with his friends, family, colleagues, and dog. That might be enough.

"The Bachelor" starts taping soon and will premiere in January. "Bachelor: Winter Games" is scheduled to premiere in February, timed to the 2018 Winter Olympics, on ABC.

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