Steve Urkel caused plenty of mayhem in the Winslow home throughout nine seasons of "Family Matters," but the house is now facing its biggest threat yet: The real-life Chicago property used for exterior shots on the show is set to be torn down.

DNA Info reports that the city has just approved a demolition permit for the house, located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. Though "Family Matters" was shot on a sound stage, the two-story home featured prominently in the show's opening credits, as well as exterior shots sprinkled throughout the series.

A broker who represents the owners of the property told DNA Info that the owners did consider saving the structure, but "ultimately determined renovating the home wasn't a viable option." Instead, a "three-unit residence" will go up in the original house's place, the broker said. The owners plan to "[honor] the site's past" by "decorat[ing] the entry with framed photographs of the original house and the show's beloved cast," according to the broker.

It's unclear how soon the demolition will take place, so TGIF fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the house may want to make a pilgrimage to Chicago ASAP. Too bad Jeff Franklin couldn't have stepped in to snap up this pop culture property, too.

[via: DNA Info]