Stiles will miss you dearly, "Teen Wolf" fans.

Dylan O'Brien is having a big week, from his new movie "American Assassin," to the first photos and trailer from "Maze Runner: The Death Cure," to last night's finale of "Teen Wolf."

Season 6, Episode 20, was the series' 100th episode, and also its last. Fans are still in mourning on Twitter, debating what they loved, didn't love, and missed in the finale and final season. Creator and showrunner Jeff Davis told The Hollywood Reporter that scheduling Dylan O'Brien for the "Teen Wolf" end was the definitely the hardest, between the actor's "Maze Runner" injury and other projects:

"But he made it work, to his credit. He loves the role, and he said, 'I want to be part of the finale. I want to be part of the last season. I'll make it work.'"

O'Brien isn't a big tweeter, but he shared this little personal note after the finale:

Fans have responded with their own love, including tweets like this:

Jeff Davis was asked about the plans for a "Teen Wolf" podcast and reboot, and here are his answers:

TV Guide: There's been talk that there's going to be a Teen Wolf podcast and a spin-off down the line. How does this finale lead into those plans? How could those things pick up, given how you ended the original show?

Davis: There aren't too many plans yet. Most of it is discussion at the moment. There are definitely threads that can be picked up. I love the idea of Scott and another pack, an entirely different crew of supernatural teenagers that he recruits, like this one kid Alex in this last episode. That could be really fun. I'd love to see a storyline and a podcast that picks up with Jackson and Ethan in London to follow them through that. That'd be really cool, too. We'll see what happens.

The Hollywood Reporter: You introduced a new character, Alec, in the finale. With a new incarnation of Teen Wolf in development, first as a podcast before being rebooted altogether, does he have anything to do with those plans?

Davis: It's all just been talks so far. That character, that whole idea that bookends [the episode], that was something I came up with a long time ago. Tyler Posey actually pitched me, "I have an idea for the finale that I wake up in a motel room, and it's a year or two later, and it's me and Argent." I was like, "I love that idea." And we did that. But that character [of Alec], to me, represents the audience. There was no real thought of introducing a character to reboot the show. It was simply this kid, Alec, played by Ben Wadsworth, who is this outsider, a kid on the run, on his own, and Scott says to him, "If you feel like an outsider, if you feel alone, you can be one of us. You can be with us." That's the message of the show and the big message of this season, which was about fear, being a pariah.

Davis also addressed "Sterek" fans, if you're curious for his take on them. It's mostly positive!

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