Get ready to feel a little aca-older today, people, because "Pitch Perfect" is turning five.

The musical comedy was released on September 28, 2012 and became a modest hit, finding legions of fans on DVD. And we still can't get "Cups" out of our head to this day. A 2015 sequel was born and an upcoming third film, "Pitch Perfect 3," is set to hit theaters on December 22, 2017. While you count down the days until the final installment in the aca-trilogy, check out these 11 "Pitch Perfect" fun facts.

1. Elizabeth Banks, who plays the hilarious announcer Gail, is a producer on all three installments of the film. She directed "Pitch Perfect 2."

2. The role of Gail was actually written with Kristen Wiig in mind, according to writer Kay Cannon.

3.Anna Kendrick sang her songs live on set. "Because I think something is a little bit lost in the recording studio, and frankly I'm just not good in the recording studio, like I don't know how to do that. I think I'm just -- I'm used to singing in front of people and singing in a recording booth was a little isolating and sterile," Kendrick told Collider.

4. The film made a love connection in a big way. Skylar Astin (Jesse) and Anna Camp (Aubrey) met on the set of the first movie and got married last fall. Co-star Brittany Snow was even one of her bridesmaids.

5. The iconic "Cups" audition was originally going to be another number, but Anna Kendrick found a viral video of the song's cover set to the Cup Game on reddit and decided to take time to learn the whole sequence. The rest is history.6. Kendrick made the song a huge it. It went all the way to number one on the Adult Contemporary Billboard charts.

7. The nickname "Fat Amy" was actually something Amy Poehler, a friend of writer Kay Cannon's, called herself when she was pregnant. Cannon recalled: "I said, 'How are you feeling?' She's really petite and was like, 'I wasn't able to tell anybody. I wasn't feeling good. I was tired. I just felt like fat Amy.' I was like, 'I think somebody should call themselves Fat Amy, so that other people can't make fun of them.' That's how that came about," Cannon explained to Collider.

8.Ester Dean, who plays Cynthia Rose, is a major force in the music industry. She's co-written songs for everyone from Beyonce to Katy Perry. She performs Rihanna's "S&M" in the Riff-Off, a song she helped write in real life.

9.Rebel Wilson improvised a lot of her lines throughout the movie, especially when she was paired with Adam Devine. "Also, because I'm partnered with Adam Devine in the movie, he's a great improviser as well. So they had hours and hours of footage of us bantering back and forth saying crazy stuff to each other," Wilson revealed.

10. Rebel auditioned for Amy with an American accent, but ended up using her real voice.

11.Adam Devine (Bumper) threw a burrito at a cameraman when he was meant to ht Rebel Wilson's character. He told Vulture, "He said to aim for him, thinking I wouldn't hit him, and I pegged him right in the face. That's why that scene is slightly out of focus. I think now that I have a reputation for an amazing toss, I should do a baseball movie. I need to be in 'Bull Durham 2.'"