ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars': Season 25 - Week SixThe fight for the mirror ball has left Lindsey Stirling injured.

The "Dancing With the Stars" contestant suffered a rib injury on Sunday. Stirling was rushed to the hospital mid-rehearsal with a potential rib separation, according to TMZ. Understandably, the violinist-slash-dancer was said to be in a tremendous amount of pain -- to the extend that she is unsure if she'll be able to participate in the Monday night show.

Stirling has been competing with "DWTS" pro Mark Ballas, who joined her at the hospital. He had to break the news to her that missing Monday's performance would mean forfeiting the competition, according to TMZ. It remains unclear whether she'll be able to compete, as the network hasn't heard either way, Variety reports.

Being disqualified would be a major blow for Stirling. She and Ballas have been working hard, as she lamented in a TMZ video, and they are doing well, too. The duo earned a perfect score in their last performance and seemed to have a good shot at winning the coveted trophy.

Stirling's "DWTS" fate will be revealed soon enough; the show airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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