Sounds like Rey may be feeling The Force with a handsome costar.

"Murder on the Orient Express" producer Judy Hofflund got the rumor mill churning when she suggested an on-set romance between Daisy Ridley, 25, and Tom Bateman, 28.

People asked if any tight bonds had formed on set, and Hofflund told People:

"Something kinda happened with Tom and Daisy right?" She laughed, then said, "That's public news. I should keep my mouth shut. Oh well."

Too late! Bateman initially tried to dodge the romance question to People:

"I'm absolutely not going anywhere near that! But nice try."

When told Hofflund spread the rumor, the "Snatched" star deemed it a good marketing move:

"They like to create a buzz, they've got to otherwise no one will come and see the movie!"

He didn't sound upset about it or anything, and this isn't the first time Ridley and Bateman's names have been linked. Ridley was seen getting cozy with a "mystery man" on the "Ophelia" set in June, and that appeared to be Tom Bateman.

Murder On The Orient Express World Premiere - LondonRidley's schedule must be insane, between making and promoting this movie, plus "Ophelia," plus the juggernaut of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and Episode IX. That's a trade-off a thriving movie career -- always traveling, little stability. But we all need balance, so good for her if she found someone she can make it work with.

"Murder on the Orient Express" opens this Friday, Nov. 10, with Ridley as Miss Mary Debenham and Bateman as Bouc.

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