Virgin TV BAFTA Television Awards - Winner's RoomAfter actress Kristina Cohen publicly accused Ed Westwick of rape on Monday, the actor quickly responded.

The "Gossip Girl" vet posted a statement Tuesday morning on Twitter. He not only denies Cohen's allegation but also knowing her.

"I do not know this woman," he wrote. "I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape."

Meanwhile, Cohen's story was different. She wrote a lengthy Facebook post on Monday, saying that she has agonized for the last month over whether or not she should add her voice to the growing list of men and women in Hollywood speaking out about sexual misconduct. Cohen then alleged that she met Westwick three years ago when she was dating one of his friends, a producer. One evening, she claims, they were over at his house when Westwick said they "should all f---k." She wrote that she was uncomfortable, but her then-boyfriend didn't want to leave. Therefore, she went upstairs to a guest room to wait for him and ended up falling asleep. She alleges that she woke up with Westwick in the room and that he held her down and raped her.

As for the question Cohen knew she'd have to answer -- why she didn't say anything sooner -- she said the producer told her it was her fault, her career would be ruined, and she'd be "that girl."

"I now realize the ways in which these men in power prey on women, and how this tactic is used so frequently in our industry, and surely, in many others," Cohen wrote.

At this point, the issue remains in the court of public opinion, and it is unclear if there will be any legal ramifications.