Trolls aren't the only supernatural creatures on Netflix — aliens and wizards are on their way, too!

Guillermo del Toro is expanding his animated kids show "Trollhunters" with two spinoffs, according to Entertainment Weekly. The universe will include the alien-centric "3 Below" and the wizard saga "Wizards."

In this clip from the upcoming second season of "Trollhunters," which premieres December 15, teen conspiracy theorist Eli (Cole Sand) explains to pal Toby (Charlie Saxton) that their town of Arcadia isn't just an epicenter for troll activity — there are also aliens and wizards out there.

"The idea was to create three interconnecting series that shared a mythology," del Toro said. "When I was kid growing up in a small city in Mexico, I thought everything was going to happen there. When I was in seventh grade, we went into the sewers with flashlights and crossed the whole city. I don't recommend it! But we crossed the city from beneath, and that's where 'Trollhunters' come from. And for whatever reason, at age 15, I saw a UFO. I have a strange life."

"3 Below" centers on two royal teen aliens who escape a coup on their home planet and crash near Aracadia with their bodyguard. While rebuilding their ship, they disguise themselves as regular high school students in order to evade bounty hunters.

"Wizards" brings all the stories together for a big battle determining the fate of humans, trolls, aliens, and wizards alike.