The Project Runway" Season 16 is coming to a close. On November 16, a winner will be named, and we're guessing it will be ... Ayana Ife.

That's not based on spoilers -- we don't have a clue how this thing will go -- and it's taking into account both the NY Fashion Week collections that showed back in September, and the judges' adoration for Brandon Kee. This will *probably* come down to Ayana vs. Brandon, with Kentaro Kameyama as a dark horse. Based on the finale looks, we're hoping Ayana gets the win.

Six Fashion Week collections showed back in September, with Jessica Alba as guest judge. As the sun now stands, there are still five designers still in the competition:

  • Margarita Alvarez

  • Kenya Freeman

  • Ayana Ife

  • Kentaro Kameyama

  • Brandon Kee

Check out all of the finale collection designs here.

We'll get a first look at the collections on Finale Part 1 this Thursday, Nov. 9, including Tim Gunn's home visits. However, the synopsis for Finale Part 2 reveals "four designers will have their dream of showing at New York Fashion Week," which reveals that someone will get cut before the end.

If six "Project Runway" collections showed, that means someone already eliminated, maybe Michael, and whoever gets eliminated next got to show decoy collections. The designs walked anonymously, but it's now pretty clear who did a few of them. We don't know the order the collections will air Nov. 16 on Lifetime, but -- based on USA Today's breakdown of the six -- it's safe to say Ayana did Collection 3, Brandon did Collection 5, and Margarita did Collection 6. Kentaro probably did Collection 4. It's possible Michael is a decoy with Collection 1. Would Kenya be Collection 2? Those are the theories at this point, anyway.

Check out all of the finale collection designs. This look, clearly from Ayana, is a favorite. Margarita may earn herself a spot in the final four with all of that color. Nina loves color.

"Project Runway" Season 16 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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