Do "Riverdale" fans need to get their priorities straight?

Lili Reinhart warned fans Season 2, Episode 5 would be Betty's most intense episode ever. She didn't mention how intense it would be for others as well.

Betty broke up with Jughead, at least temporarily, due to the Black Hood. Archie was actually the one to tell Jughead, which made it worse. Jughead then made it even more awful for Bughead fans by kissing Toni. While Bughead was falling apart, Cheryl was drugged and nearly raped by Nick. St. Clair, whom no one will miss if the Black Hood now kills him.

Fans were left reeling. Many reactions focused on the end of Bughead, and Jughead moving on fast to kiss Toni. Others took issue with the focus on Bughead, thinking fans should be more concerned with the perpetually troubled Cheryl almost being raped:

You know you didn't seem to mind the drama? Betty/Archie "Barchie" shippers:

For the record, Cole Sprouse told TVLine he initially thought Jughead should push Toni away.

Then he decided "it would be more interesting if he didn't, and he actually somewhat enjoyed the admiration of another young woman, which I think is quintessentially the most teenage thing to do... I don't necessarily even think it's sexual, so to speak. Even if it's platonic, it's something that's brand-new, uncharted territory for him, and he feels excited by it."

Next up is Season 6, Episode 6, "Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof," airing Wednesday, November 15 on The CW:

"Mayor McCoy threatens to further escalate tensions between the North and Southside; Jughead and Archie try to stop a dangerous alliance between the Serpents and a long-time rival from forming; Betty turns to Veronica for help."

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