With "Pitch Perfect 3" comes more of the Bellas and their hilarious musical misadventures.

Universal Pictures released a new clip Sunday, giving fans some delightful aca-awkwardness to kick off the week. The footage shows the Bellas embarking on a USO tour and meeting their fellow musicians. Not surprisingly, the group ends up getting into one of their usual impromptu riff-offs. However, things take a weird turn when Patricia, aka "Fat Amy" (Rebel Wilson), gets too into it. The mishap makes for an entertaining first impression, and better still, it leads into more snippets from the film, including nights out, an explosion, and other mayhem.

In addition to Wilson, we get to see several of her fellow returning co-stars, including Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Hailee Steinfeld, among others. Their characters will have to adjust to life post-college in the series' final film, and it looks like a swan song to be both excited and sad about.

Watch the clip below.

"Pitch Perfect 3" hits theaters Dec. 22.