'Deadpool' Fan EventThis is worth watching for the Jared Leto statue joke alone.

Ryan Reynolds tweeted out another "Deadpool" video, but there's no new footage from "Deadpool 2." Instead, this one is directed squarely at fans attending the upcoming Comic Con in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Apparently there will be tattoo artists at the Comic Con offering free Deadpool tattoos, and ... it's legit?

The video initially features Reynolds' voice as Deadpool, before he starts "speaking Portuguese," i.e. switching to a woman's voice-over speaking the official language of Brazil.

Here's how Deadpool starts his pitch:

"Ah, Brazil. The beautiful, sun-kissed home of Pele, hairless genitalia, and the world's largest Jared Leto statue. To show my dedication to the legions of Brazilian Deadpool fans I've spent up to 20 minutes on Google translate as well as countless hours watching telenovelas to teach me everything about your official language. That's right, this sexy red-spandex ass taught himself Portuguese. Alright, well, hopefully, I get the accent right. Well, here it goes."

That's when the woman's voice kicks in, saying Deadpool is "sending some moderately-trained tattoo artists to use your bare naked flesh as a beautiful skin canvas letting their ink-filled needles dance across your body like Shakira in a soda commercial. The best part is these are completely free and won't cost you a thing just sign a legally mandated waiver and get ready to take a good ol' back alley roll of the hepatitis dice."

Watch the video:

"Look me straight and the nipples and tell me that I didn't just nail that."

Totally nailed it! But some fans are already way ahead of this tattoo plan, and replied with photos of their existing Deadpool tats.

By the way, in case you didn't get it, that Jared Leto statue reference is to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Jared = Jesus.

"Deadpool 2" is coming to theaters in less than six months, opening June 1, 2018.

[Via: Comicbook.com]

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