This show has quite the conveyor belt.


"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" lost another core crew member with the departure of Jefferson "Jax" Jackson (Franz Drameh), the remaining half of Firestorm. According to Entertainment Weekly, Drameh has exited the series.

It's not a huge shock to see Jax go, since Victor Garber's departure as Martin Stein -- the other half of Firestorm -- was announced months ago. After Stein's death in the previous "Crisis on Earth-X" episode, it wasn't clear if Jax would remain on the Waverider. In the December 5 Season 3 midseason finale, Jax tried to warn a young Stein about his impending death, but Stein decided to burn the warning letter; Jax decided to leave the Legends to live his own full life.

Although Jax -- who was introduced in "The Flash" -- will no longer be a regular on the show, EW said the door is open for the character to return in the future.

In addition to Drameh and Garber, Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold/Leonard Snart) already announced he would be leaving "Legends" and "The Flash" in the coming year. However, Season 3 just saw the addition of Constantine (Matt Ryan) in the fall finale.

The 2018 return promo is heavy on Constantine: According to that promo, "Legends of Tomorrow" returns in February, but EW has a return date of Tuesday, Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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