'In The Fade' New York PremiereBy this point, we all know that working in Hollywood isn't always glamorous, even for successful stars.

Diane Kruger recently offered further proof by sharing the story of her worst audition. The actress sat down with "Downsizing" star Hong Chau for Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, and they swapped war stories. Both recounted their worst auditions, describing them as "disrespectful" and "terrible" experiences, respectively. In fact, Kruger was so put off by hers that she didn't even make it all the way through before walking out.

Kruger recalled how she'd had to memorize some 15 pages of dialogue to prepare, but when she started showing what she could do, the director -- whom she left unnamed -- took a call. He then told her to start over, without even apologizing, she said. It got worse, though. Not only had he not turned off his phone, he took two more calls in the midst of her audition, finally angering Kruger to the point that she decided she was done.

"I didn't even let him answer it," she said of the final call. "I just, like, got my stuff and left. That's so disrespectful, right?"

Chau shared a story of her own, remembering how her worst experiences came early in her career and left her with a "feeling of humiliation." In particular, she recalled being at a commercial audition and asking a question, only to have the man running the audition scold her for not raising her hand before speaking. Eesh.

Watch below.