"All right, my cycling monkeys. Grab on to your bikes and FLY!"

"Once Upon a Time" in the Season 7 fall finale, which is the start of her multi-episode arc continuing into 2018. She's not just returning as Zelena; her cursed identity is a bubbly spin instructor named Kelly. Classic!

We'll meet Kelly in OUAT Season 7, Episode 10, "The Eighth Witch," airing tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 15) on ABC.

Entertainment Weekly shared a great sneak peek scene introducing Kelly:

Rebecca Mader talked to EW about Zelena's cursed identity:

"It's hilarious. When Adam [Horowitz] and Eddy [Kitsis] first pitched it to me, I think I bent over laughing, because it's so the antithesis of Zelena, who just wants to punch everyone in the face and have a glass of whiskey. My cursed character is the complete opposite. She's super duper healthy and just adorable. It's really funny. When you find my character, I'm in San Francisco, and I'm actually a spinning instructor, which is classic, because Zelena was never going to the gym ever. Why would you when you're that powerful? Like, 'I'm five pounds thinner,' and then it happens. She has no idea who she is or what she's capable of. There's a lot of comedy in it."

Wicked funny always wins!

It'll be great to have Mader back, especially when it was initially announced that she would not be returning for this semi-rebooted season.

"Once Upon a Time" Season 7's final episode of 2017 airs this Friday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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