Guillermo del Toro's "The Shape of Water" is one of the most enchanting and magical films of the year. Set in 1962, it concerns a mute janitor (Sally Hawkins) who works at a secret government lab, where she falls in love with an amphibious creature (Doug Jones) and evades detection by a nasty federal agent (Michael Shannon). Along with her coworker (Octavia Spencer) and best friend/neighbor (Richard Jenkins), they hatch a plan to free the creature -- but at what cost?

Watching "The Shape of Water," you can't help but swoon. Del Toro has created an intoxicating confection, equal parts love letter to classic Hollywood, bloody creature feature, and sweeping romance. It's unlike anything you've ever seen or are ever likely to see.

Which is why it was such a pleasure to sit down with the visionary del Toro and the peerless cast of "The Shape of Water." Over the course of a sunny morning in Los Angeles, we talked about where the story came from, the parallels that you can draw to contemporary society, and even broke down the movie's gorgeous poster.

"The Shape of Water" is playing in limited release now and will expand each week. Check your local movie theaters for show times.