LeAnn Rimes Kicks Off 'Today Is Christmas' Tour 2017 In Ft LauderdaleThere are some things you can't fight -- like the moonlight or the urge to dance on a bar when the theme song from 2000's "Coyote Ugly" comes on.

LeAnn Rimes had that experience while visiting Kemo Sabe in Aspen, Colorado, and she shared her adventure Wednesday on Instagram. Rimes posted a photo of herself having an absolute blast dancing on the bar and explained what led to what she's calling "Coyote Ugly 2.0." Not surprisingly, it started when her hit "Coyote Ugly" song, "Can't Fight the Moonlight," started playing.

"This is what happens when your friends at [Kemo Sabe] in Aspen move locations and open up a bad ass private bar upstairs and then turn on Can't Fight The Moonlight," she wrote in her caption. "No one could resist! Coyote Ugly 2.0!"

Kemo Sabe's Instagram also commemorated the occasion, posting a video of the dancing and thanking Rimes for her "amazing show."

Rimes had a small role in the movie, which centered on aspiring songwriter Violet (Piper Perabo), who gets a job as a bartender at Coyote Ugly while trying to get her big break. In the end, she does indeed succeed, landing a deal with a label and having her song recorded by Rimes. The musician is seen at the end of film, performing in -- and on -- the bar.

Ah, the memories. Of course Rimes couldn't resist.