Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 7th Annual Governors Awards - ArrivalsLove for Carrie Fisher started flooding social media on Dec. 27, the first anniversary of the iconic Star Wars actress's death. Not surprisingly, her daughter, Billie Lourd, was among those paying tribute.

The "American Horror Story: Cult" star shared photos Wednesday from a trip to Scandinavia where she got to see the northern lights. The beautiful natural light display is only visible under the right conditions, and Fisher loved them, according to Lourd. The young actress made the long journey to Norway in hopes that she'd get to catch the breathtaking scene, and she was in luck. It was a moving experience, especially considering the connection to her "momby."

"My momby had an otherworldly obsession with the northern lights, but I never got to see them with her," Lourd wrote via Instagram. "We journeyed to northern Norway to see if we might 'see the heavens lift up her dark skirts and flash her dazzling privates across [our] unworthy irises'. And she did. I love you times infinity."

The Force must have been with both Lourd and Fisher.