NBC's '75th Annual Golden Globe Awards' - Red Carpet ArrivalsThe best of moment of the 2018 Golden Globes happened on the red carpet -- it was the beautiful moment in which Kelly Clarkson met her idol Meryl Streep. Seriously, at that point, everyone could have gone home, because there was no topping it.

Clarkson was on the red carpet next to "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest on Sunday when she spotted the legendary actress. Immediately, the multi-Grammy winner morphed into a fangirl, nearly tripping down the stairs and then pointing out the obvious.

"That's Meryl. That's Meryl Streep," she told Seacrest in disbelief.

Her reaction only got more priceless from there. She called down the stairs to Streep, asking her, "Can I meet you? I'm such a fan! ... I've adored you since I was, like, 8."

Seacrest was obviously as charmed as the rest of us, and he shared a photo of it on Twitter, captioning it "that moment when @Kelly_Clarkson sees Meryl Streep and freaks out."

And, of course, fans were living for it, too. People wrote that Clarkson's reaction was pure, relatable, and all-around heart-warming.

See? The awards show was great and all, but we saw all we needed to on the red carpet.