We've seen Jennifer Lawrence as a mockingjay, and now she's playing a different kind of bird.

20th Century Fox released the latest "Red Sparrow" trailer Monday ahead of the film's March release. Lawrence stars in the spy thriller as Dominika, a Russian ballerina forced to work as an intelligence officer. In the new preview, we see how complicated her situations becomes after she turns into one of the government's "weapons in a global struggle for power."

Dominika's weakness, we're told at one point, is that she has a soul. However, by the end we're questioning whether or not that's true. She's been trained in psychological manipulation, and she looks like she's scarily good at her job.

Joel Edgerton also stars in the film, which is based on Jason Matthews's novel of the same name. The actor plays Nathaniel, a CIA agent attempting to turn Dominika, all while she is tasked with exposing him. It's a little "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"-like -- but a whole lot darker.

"Red Sparrow" opens March 2.