MoviePassYou might have to pay full price to see a movie at your local AMC Theatre: IGN reports that MoviePass users are finding that their passes are no longer being accepted by the chain.

But AMC says it's not behind the new policy and that it's coming from MoviePass itself.

After a customer inquired why she couldn't use her MoviePass at an AMC Theatre in New York, MoviePass responded on Twitter, "We apologize for the inconvenience, but we no longer work with this theater. We hope to partner with them again."

MoviePass' CEO Mitch Lowe issued the following statement to Deadline:

"As of today, you'll find a small handful of theaters are no longer available on our platform. Our number one goal as a company is to provide an accessible price-point for people to enjoy films the way they're meant to be seen: on the big screen. Many exhibitors have been receptive to this mission, and we're excited to keep working with theater chains that are closely aligned with our customer service values."

Deadline reports MoviePass took some of AMC's busiest theaters -- mostly those in New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles -- out of its program as part of a strategy to get AMC to agree to their terms.

MoviePass is reportedly seeking a $3 cut on AMC tickets, plus 20% of concessions. According to Deadline, AMC boss Adam Aron said last year, "AMC has absolutely no intention, I repeat no intention, of sharing any -– I repeat, any, of our admissions revenue or our concessions revenue with MoviePass."

It sounds like the war between AMC and MoviePass is just getting started.

[Via IGN, Deadline]