OUCH. Maybe Tom Cruise's need for speed needs to chill.

Tom Cruise just joined Instagram to reveal the title of "Mission: Impossible 6" as "Fallout." He also shared some new photos from the movie, including a couple of his trademark dramatic stunt shots.

Speaking of stunts, you probably heard that filming had to be shut down for a while as Cruise recovered from a botched stunt. At age 55, he still does his own stunts, and one required him to jump a building onto another building.

Cruise explained on "The Graham Norton Show" that he was always supposed to miss and hit the building. That was part of the stunt scene. What was not supposed to happen was how his ankle hit the outside of the building.

Graham Norton showed several angles of the stunt gone wrong, including an excruciating one where you can see his foot twist in the wrong direction. Because Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise, even after he knew he broke his ankle, he still tried to get up and immediately start running to finish the scene.

Watch Cruise explain his stunt, see the clips, and see costar Simon Pegg go out of his way to avoid seeing the clips:Cruise joked that he blamed Henry Cavill for the whole thing, since the scene had his character, Ethan Hunt, trying to chase down Cavill's character, Reville Smites. Let's just blame Cavill's mustache, since it is already the official scapegoat of so many things.

Check out some other videos from the "Fallout" cast's fun time with Graham Norton:"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" opens July 27th, 2018.

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