The future is now on Netflix.

The streaming service dropped the first trailer for its upcoming movie, "Mute," from director Duncan Jones ("Moon," "Source Code"). The sci-fi project is a labor of love for Jones that has been in the works for over a dozen years.

Alexander Skarsgard stars as a mute bartender searching for his missing girlfriend in the grim, shadowy streets of near-future Berlin. Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux play irreverent U.S. Army surgeons who get involved with his journey, all while pursuing a mission of their own.

Jones has described the story as a "sci-fi 'Casablanca,'" with noir elements in a "Blade Runner"-like dystopian world. The movie is set in the same universe as the director's "Moon" and Sam Rockwell makes a cameo as his character from that film.

The project has been in development so long that Jones even called it his "Don Quixote," referencing Terry Gilliam's famously doomed attempt at a film adaptation.

"Mute" begins streaming Feb. 23 on Netflix.