'Jeopardy!' & IBM Man V. Machine Press ConferenceFumble on the play!

Last night's "Jeopardy!" featured a football category in advance of Sunday's Super Bowl LII. None of the three contestants could answer any of the questions, leading host Alex Trebek to mock them mercilessly.

The trio didn't even bother ringing in and after the first question —about a quarterback pitching the ball to another back — went unanswered (it was "option play"), Trebek wryly noted, "I can tell you guys are bit football fans.

The game just went downhill from there, as Trebek ran through various questions on Tom Landry's shotgun formation, a fair catch, penalties, and Minneapolis' Purple People Eaters. As each round went unanswered — and even without anyone ringing in to try — the audience tittered and Trebek just shook his head.

For the final $1,000 question, Trebek got in his hottest burn. "If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die."